Vancouver Traffic Mess


Vancouver Traffic has become a real mess with concrete structures, bizarre obstacles and deviations, “no right-turn” signs and rules that don’t make any sense except to have motorists drive in circles to go short distances.

With no rules of the road applicable to cyclists, and placing on motorists the burden of 360-degree attention and yielding the right of way to cyclists, driving in Vancouver has become hazardous for no good reason. Except to make it more difficult to drive.

Cyclists have no obligation to ride on bike lanes. They can ride in the middle of the road or on sidewalks as they please, often circumventing cars from the left and the right  and sneaking up on them through blind spots.

Vancouver West End with a population of 45,000 has been turned into a ghetto where motorists often have to line up in single file to leave the district or to come home.