Many Vancouver Residents Expressed Their Opinions Through The Petition:

I am a dedicated and daily bicycle commuter. But ill advised and unnecessary bike lanes have caused a impossible and dangerous traffic situation. I hate them as a driver and cyclist.

Brad B.

I have been saying for many years that Vancouver is NOT Green. City Council and staff don’t seem to understand that idling vehicles are not green. They also don’t seem to understand that most people can not ride a bicycle. My biggest peeve is when City Council says they support transit but then do everything possible to disrupt transit and inconvenience its riders. Example: 1) closing 800 Robson, 2) eliminating bus stops where there are bike lanes. It would be so much cheaper to encourage more people to ride our clean GREEN electric bus and Skytrain system than spending so much money on bike lanes while also increasing pollution from traffic gridlock. I could say more.

Dale L.

Has anyone from City Council driven downtown lately? It’s total gridlock and not
just in rush-hour. Nelson St. is backed up all day to get on to the Cambie bridge since they put in bike lane > you have to stop for every light because there is no
room for more cars on the other side of each intersection. Dunsmuir St is the
same – Thurlow St is backed up, Smythe St is a joke with almost no cyclists using bike lane. Georgia St is already gridlocked in both directions and they want to put in more bike lanes there. Traffic light synchronization is designed to impede traffic to discourage cars instead of improving traffic flow.

Doug V.

The roads are getting more and more congested and the City keep spending a lot of money on bike lanes instead of improving road conditions. Motorist paid everything but cyclists paid nothing.

Albert L.

According to Statistics Canada only 1.8% of Vancouver’s citizens commute by bicycle. That number is unchanged for the past two decades. The space and resources dedicated to bike lanes is ridiculous. Not only is this increasing the amount of traffic, it is boosting Green House Gas and making Vancouver unlivable. Bike lanes should be based on actual needs of the community rather than special interest groups, composed of recreational cyclists.

Peter L.

These bike lanes are keeping our gasoline cars on the road longer which I turn, creates
more pollution. The chaos our streets have become and the absence of parking spots generates frustration , excess time on the roads and pollution. They are designed for less then 10 percent of the population of Vancouver . The reality is , we are not giving up driving – it’s just not practical in a city with 10 months of rain.

And what about families? How do we get 2 or 3 kids under 6 to school and lessons with a bicycle? Or what is a painter or tradesmen supposed to do with all of the gear that’s required for work everyday. Becoming a limited car city has not really been thought through for the 90 percent plus of our population.

Jessica Z.

The dismantling and the redesign of the beautiful Burrard Bridge is a horror show. A fine cycle path could have been built on the underside of the bridge for less money or even alongside the Granville Island side of the bridge. What is happening is nuts and counterproductive and will create more pollution and traffic tie-ups than ever before. Stop this and return to sanity.


I am more than unhappy with the changes made in this city for the benefit of a few while those of us non cyclists are made to pay the price. Traffic is at a gridlock everywhere due to these ridiculous changes. Our tax dollars are being squandered on ridiculous changes. Vision has no Vision.

Yvonne D.

I am a cyclist who feels the bike lane expenses are unfair to others. The money for bike lanes would have been far better spent on improving transit so that ALL citizens can get around, not just the able bodied and those not needing briefcases/tools/nice hair/minimal BO for their work day, and/or safe transport of their children. Bikes in traffic are NOT a safe way to transport young children.

Christine W.

The Mayor’s conspiracy to create traffic jams to encourage people to bike has done nothing but create hostility towards him and City Council. Some bike lanes are good – but to take over our city when we have so much rain is irrational. Suicide prevention bridge??? Like the railings on the Burrard Bridge are going to stop someone from going to any other bridge in this city (or using other methods for that matter). Our Mayor and City Council need to give their heads a shake and start serving their constituents as opposed to their own utopian dreams.

Lana P.

I have so many injuries in my back and hips I am not able to walk long distances or bike at all. Driving is my only option and it has become intolerable in this city!


Mr. Robertson “TEAR DOWN THIS BIKE LANE. It’s not helping THIS CITY. What about 911 vehicles. Slows then down. Ever see a emergency wheelchair or cyclist team? Answer: No. in addition, Too many bad cyclists I’ve seen during commute since bike lanes introduced. It’s like THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. One cyclist cut me off on the Cambie bridge. I braked as went 10km/hr as she occupied one lane, when the sign read 5x this. No signal. Out of sight. No helmet. Not insured. Shocked!!

NEXT, What if an accident happened, how would we exchange licenses & insurance. papers?? Study other model and places with similar streets. Some have solar power generating roads. Consider better no restrictive option.


Alan P.

Families trying to find parking in the Kitsilano beach area, who cannot take their children and prams on a bike, struggle to find parking. I live in Kits Point and I have never seen all the rental bikes taken, and watching people struggle to park is painful. Take those rental bikes away from the beach!


Cyclists are unlicensed, unregistered, and untrained with no enforcement of any rules of the road.

Aaron L.

While I do support the idea of bike lanes I am not in support of how it has taken over our city by storm. I have lived here 42 years and I have never in my life seen so much construction and deconstruction of the Burrard Street bridge as I have in the past 3-4 years since this all started. What is being done to address homelessness or the needle exchange program that results in hundreds of needles being left in our parks and school playgrounds? Enough is enough.

Natasha K.

I watched an emergency fire truck not be able to get through on the Burrard bridge because of only one lane. With St Pauls right near the Burrard bridge isn’t this putting lives at risk? Do they have to take a longer route now to get to hospital?

Bev F.

This is a program that makes air quality worse, as cars are backed up, and very bikes use the lanes. It is a mess. Looks great on paper, but in reality….more pollution and traffic is gridlocked.

Thomas C.

Bike lanes are for a select few. If you need your vehicle for work or are dropping kids off at daycare (which are most) than we need traffic to move and this is a key artery of traffic.

Amalia C.

I’m a cyclist Amalia, and believe me I am not happy either with this city’s loss of common sense. Millions wasted and traffic at a standstill. I can’t think of anyone in cycling helm here that went down and asked for an ant-car agenda to be put in. And on top of that many of the bike lanes put in by city engineers are fraught with hazards.


I signed (the petition) because the amount of tax dollars being spent on bike lanes is disproportional to the amounts being spent on playing fields and kids play spaces. The city’s youth and seniors are getting short changed. The city needs more pools, tennis courts ect. We do not need bike lanes competing with cars on our roads and highways. One waterfront cycling and pedestrian ring road from UBC to Stanley Park should have been a priority for recreational and tourist use.

Richard S.

The rights of other residents should not be trampled on for bicyclists, particularly since so many cannot travel by bicycles. It’s a great sport but should not be pushed at the expense of everyone else.

Carol I.

the bike lanes simply do not carry enough traffic to warrant their existence.It has been a very frustrating failure of social engineering.

John T.

The congestion caused by these bike lanes is appalling! AND….. I’m furious when I’m stuck behind bikes on other major roads like Corwall, 4th Ave and Broadway. Cyclist should be fined if they are not using the bike lanes it cost tax payers millions of dollars to establish for them. It’s unreal that with our climate, majority rain, we think designating bike lanes is the right thing to do. When it rains 7 months a year people are in cars and busses. This has to be fixed. Enough is enough.

Ana G.

We Live in the Westend which is being strangled by the aggressively imposed bicycle lanes.

MacLeod S.

I ride a bike and I find these bike lanes to be dangerous.

Leona R.

The Mayor had a vision but was not fully thought through. Its an obvious error in judgment great thought but compromised traffic flow. Our Climate limits ridership. Motor vehicle taxes pay for the roads. Grid lock due to compromised roadways increases commute time and pollution emissions. Use parks and recreation budget for cyclist pathway development. Cycling accidents and fatalities are still happening despite designated bike lanes. Time to rethink the options.

John T.

I am writing this as someone who has cycled, walked and taken public transit across this bridge, regularly, for many years. I feel that the city government has ruined what used to be a perfectly great and efficient major artery. What used to be a simple, stress-free trip of only a few minutes to travel between the West Side/Kitsilano area to Downtown and the West End areas has turned into a massive slow-moving parking lot – a disastrous traffic nightmare that is completely unnecessary and unjustifiable. This massive disruption was completely unwarranted and wasn’t necessary to accommodate bicyles. Bicycles could have been easily accommodated without causing such extensive inconvenience for vehicles, and without creating massive gridlock conditions. This traffic disaster that the City has created is also terrible for the environment, since the City has intentionally created massive gridlock that results in increased emissions from the backlog of slow-moving vehicles lined up to cross the bridge from early morning until night time. This is the opposite of “green”. I urge the City to return the bridge to the way it used to be, and to think far more carefully the next time it feels another cyclist-centric urge to spend inordinate amounts of money to “fix” something that wasn’t even broken.

Carolyn L.

I’m fed up with the congestion caused by these bicycle lanes that were supposed to be temporary. It rains 8 months of the year and we don’t need the added traffic delays in an already busy city.

James C.