Vancouver Gas Prices

Aside from the deteriorating road conditions and traffic, Vancouver’s Gas Prices are no doubt of the biggest concern to the city’s drivers. Doubled and then tripled after the Iraqi invasion of 2003, Vancouver gas prices have not relented noticeably to this day in spite of the substantial plunge of world oil prices. It was at first the Iraqi war. Then China’s increased demand was chosen as the culprit until China started going into a recession. From time to time the so-called “energy experts” go on national television to fabricate other excuses to angry drivers. Some of these excuses are ludicrous, such as the breakdown of a refinery in Eastern Canada or a corner of the U.S., bad road conditions, or good weather, etc. Even hurricanes in the Caribbean are used to deceive the public that there is a reason for high gas prices other than greed to gouge drivers for higher profits. There is no doubt that Vancouver’s inflated gas prices hurt especially low and middle-income families, biting off a substantial portion of their take-home pay. Governments won’t do anything about this scam since higher gas prices bring in higher tax revenues.

This is all being done in the name of “free market forces” although it has nothing to do with free, competitive marketing but it has everything to do with monopolies and cartels colluding to control the market.

Among energy-exporting countries Canadians pay the highest prices for fuel

Unfortunately, adopting 19th century transportation means such as foot-powered bikes will only aggravate the problem for Vancouverites that have to drive to work or do their business, or have to carry children or goods. The only viable solution is to build electric cars that will be affordable by everyone. And that is on the horizon.

High fuel prices increase inflation and lower our standard of living

Until then we consumers have to take proactive steps not to be taken for a ride, such as shopping around and reporting anti-competitive business practices to the Competition Bureau until they get fed up and start to take action.

Vancouver Gas Prices

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