About Restore Vancouver

Restore Vancouver is a citizens’ movement to stop the impairment of citizens’ mobility throughout the city and restore democracy to city government. The core issue is the construction of concrete bike lanes and other traffic obstructions and deviations that impede the flow of traffic, and which make it very difficult and painful for most citizens to commute or go about their business. This has been done, and is being done at an accelerated rate without consent of the residents affected.

Undemocratic Civic Governance

Bike Lanes are only the outer manifestation of an undemocratic system of civic governance that disdains the public, the overwhelming majority of whom are motorists that must drive to earn a living or to meet exigencies of modern 21st century living. Such a radical decision as this one, which tries to change the way residents live and go about their business by coercion, ought to have been put to a general referendum before implementation. Majority of the people in this city have not consented to give up their cars to cycle or walk instead as they do in the poorest of Third World countries.

We want:

  1. Government by popular referendum
  2. The immediate cessation of the construction of concrete-asphalt bike lanes and other traffic obstructions or deviations that impede the flow of vehicle traffic
  3. Removal or demolition of the above-mentioned traffic obstructions, and restoration of all areas affected to their original state
  4. Regulation of cyclists to ensure safety for all citizens on the road

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Steffan Ileman@davidvsgoliath

About Coordinator of  Restore Vancouver

Steffan Ileman, a long-time resident of Vancouver’s West End, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in air passenger transportation and international trade, is the coordinator of this group. As a part-time journalist for The Examiner he wrote about controversial consumer and legal issues. As a writer he authored a consumer guide to air travel and a business book based on historical events. He has worked with class action lawyers to remedy consumer scams and, as his company’s legal representative, acquired over 2000 hours of civil litigation experience at all levels of Canada’s justice system. He has a degree in Public Administration.


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