Restore Vancouver !

Restore Democracy To City Government


City of Vancouver Is Waging War On Motorists

And Fundamental Principles of Democracy

Vancouver Traffic


The City Has Been Spending Outrageous Sums of Money To Build Concrete Bike Lanes and Other Concrete Traffic Obstructions To Force Motorists Off The Road And Onto Bicycles. Some councillors have said that they want to make Vancouver a car-free city

Burrard Bridge, Burrard Street And Pacific Avenue, The Main Artery Into and Out of Downtown and Vancouver West End, Have Been Shrunk Into A Traffic Nightmare

Shrunken Lanes On Hornby and Dunsmuir Streets, And Now, Robson, Are Creating A Constant Gridlock In Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver’s West End with 45,000 Residents Has Been Turned Into A Ghetto Where Every Entrance Or Exit Is A Constant Gridlock

And now they are planning to mess up Commercial Drive, a heritage site of small Vancouver family businesses in spite of opposition and protests that they simply ignore

Businesses Are Suffering

Vancouver Is Dying As A Business City

Citizens Who Must Commute To Work Spend More Time On The Road With Loss Of Morale And Productivity While Bike Lanes Are Mostly Empty

This Was Done In The Name of Making Vancouver A Greener City, Whereas Air Pollution In City Centre Has Increased Many Times With Cars Idling And Burning More Fuel

Hundreds of Parking Spaces Have Been Cancelled To Accommodate A Bike Rental Business. The City Is Now Desperately Trying To Convert Free Space Into Paid Parking To Cover Losses And Wasteful Spending

This Is Only Part of The Story

The City Is Now Planning To Convert The Area Around Vancouver General Hospital Without Any Regard To The Major Health Care Facilities And Patients That Will Be Adversely Affected, Reportedly At A Cost of $3 million

This Is Being Done Without A Referendum To Obtain Citizens’ Consent. Since access to health care facilities is a Provincial Government responsibility, the City has overstepped its jurisdiction

There Are Over 350,000 Motor Vehicles Registered In Vancouver

Motorists Constitute The Vast Majority Of Commuters. They Pay The Highest Consumption Taxes For Any Commodity In Canada. Canada’s Motorists Pay The Highest Fuel Prices In The World Among All Energy-producing Countries

Vancouver Motorists Will Not Yield To Coercion To Abandon Their Vehicles, And They Will Not Accept Being Treated As Second-Class Citizens With No Voice In Decisions That Affect Them


Pacific Avenue east of Burrard intersection, which is the conduit for WestEnd residents returning home via Granville Street bridge, has now been converted into a single lane where cars have to line up in single file to cross the intersection. The second lane has been converted into extra space for the sidewalk and a concrete bicycle lane that appears empty most of the time. The same goes west of Burrard where they have placed bizarre shaped concrete blocks at the intersection to further narrow the motor lane. This may be a hazard for motorists driving across Burrard on a dark rainy night.

They have also placed a concrete block on the western corner of Burrard and Pacific to prevent motorists from turning right on Pacific so  they will be forced to go straight on Burrard Bridge or risk losing a tire or wheel with a 90-degree turn.


Restore Vancouver

Restore Vancouver Is A Group Of Citizens Concerned About The Quality Of Life In This City And The Direction It Is Going


Restore Vancouver Wants This Unbridled Construction Of Traffic Obstructions To Be Halted Forthwith, And All Areas Affected  To Be Restored To Their Original State


Restore Vancouver Requests Government By Referendum To Seek People’s Consent For All Major Decisions By City Council


If You Agree Please Sign Our Petitions Below To Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Council





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